We believe that the secret to learning is playfulness!
It is through our creativity that we find self-discipline.

Often time our children do not always know how to use, nor have a place to learn, how to develop their creativity. Ballet at Shen Tao Studio is a creative dance practice taught in a supportive environment to help all children explore themselves and grow!

Through the practice of dancing we will learn:

– how to maintain focus for sustained periods of time
– how to use attention to develop self-awareness, spatial awareness, as well as others awareness.
– how to develop their memory as we learn choreography, with the use of our creative imagination.
– how to be sensitive to music.
– how to develop the synchronicity of the body and the mind.
– how to interpret characters.

Through our training your children will gain: self-confidencecouragepatience, determination and endurance with the achievement of more and more challenging athletic efforts. With little time and practice your children will also find  ease and grace in their body. They will find a more calm and balanced mind. They will feel a sense of wholeness.

At Shen Tao Studio, we are dedicated to provide your children with the highest care to help them grow fully inside their own creativity.

Every month we will offer a creative class through which we will explore dancing and art craft inside story telling! This month learn how to make your own hola hoop ! 

For children age 05 to 10: Every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 4:45pm and 4:45pm to 5:30pm.

Note: Schedule subject to change.

To register or ask questions you may
call us at: 347-918-7329 or email us at:

1 class: $25.