This workshop will train you in the mechanics of more than 30 new exercises which can be performed by combining the Pilates Cadillac, with the additional force vectors resistance of the Shen Tao Mini.

This vocabulary includes both variations on the classical Pilates choreography, as well as exercises unique to Cadillac/Mini synthesis.

The Shen Tao Mini, along with the Shen Tao approach, is an ingenious support created to guide your body, through proper alignment and core stability developed in the Pilates exercise system, to open-up your range of motion. This unique equipment combination helps you find more ease and harmony, in addition to widening your understanding of how the intelligence of the mind and the body influence each other.

We will also share with you a set of guidelines to assist you in developing your own bio mechanically sound, movement sequences.

Come learn how a respect for tradition, combined with commitment to innovation, can take your understanding of the Pilates system to a new, even more generative level.

(1 day, 5 hours)