We have created six Certification programs, in addition to our Master Trainer program.

Each program provides students with the technical skills necessary to both design and teach the Shen Tao Approach, as well as utilize it as a foundation.

Similarly to the university model, our certification program comprehend a set of pre-requisitesrequired workshops, and electives for each of our programs.

Certification may be earned:

– by participating in each workshops individually scheduled all year long; or
– by participating in a Certification intensive;


– at either the Shen Tao Studio in New York City; or
– at an alternative site (such as YOUR own studio, or facility …).

Certification also requires the successful completion of a two-hour individualized examination with Shen Tao Studio founder, Bill Hedberg.
Upon the completion of each course and the successful completion of the examination, students are presented with documentation of their certification, a trademark use license, and are allowed to utilize (for an additional fee) all of Shen Tao’s marketing materials–including our full photo and video libraries–for their marketing purposes.

For more information please call at 347-415-3508 or
email at williamhedberg@hotmail.com