Classical Upper Body

Would you like to have more choices in revealing yourself ?

The “classical” upper-body workshop explores how one can organize the bones of the head and neck, the rib cage, the arm and shoulder, the spine and the sacrum in service of a more lively, functional and healthy body.

The application of the Shen Tao Approach to your upper-body will help you create a more organized and spacious torso that will allow you (after two hours only) to move with more grace, and efficiency.

You will receive individualized instructions, video feedback and hands-on coaching to help you deepen your understanding of the skeletal organization, and get the most out of this two hours workshop.

We believe that when the intelligence of the mind and the intelligence of the body work together in harmony, our creativity as human beings, or artists, is free to express itself into the world or on stage.

The organization of our torso expresses  a great deal of who we are.

In 2 hours you can find how to access your elegance and your power. We have the tools you need to change the course of your life!

Come learn how to be even more yourself ! 

(2 hours, $25)