Jump Training

Our Jump Training Workshop is designed to give your body an experience of the different jumps dynamics encounter in today’s dance choreography. We will help you find the same efficiency, grace and dexterity of the basket-ball player, whose awareness is so wide, and focus so sharp that they move across the floor with feline agility.

With the use of trampolines, we will help you find optimal timing to gain power and achieve maximal elevation. The practice of timing drills on the mini trampoline will give you a direct experience, a”felt sense” for the various rhythms and timing of classical ballet, contemporary and modern jumps.

In order to find ease in jumping we will explore our physicality and learn how to condition feet, ankles, knees, and hips to withstand the explosive power required for jumping. We will also explore our mind and offer suggestion on how you can apprehend jumps differently by coordinating the intelligence of the body with the use of imagery, and auditory anchors.

You will practice stretch, and strength training on Shen Tao unique equipment and you will receive hands-on corrections, along video feedback, as well as training exercises such as breathing techniques, or strengthening drills to take away with you, so that you’ll keep developing your talent!

We are dedicated to provide you with the skills necessary to free yourself from technique and burst in the world of artistic freedom!

(2 hours, $25)