Origins of Shen Tao

The origins of SHEN TAO as an approach to physical conditioning are rooted in Bill Hedberg’s personal experience of training his own body/mind/person to perform as a professional dancer.

He was fortunate to have several extraordinary mentors, in a number of different disciplines, who provided him with a solid and diverse base from which to develop SHEN TAO.

These included Juliu Horvath and Hillary Cartwright, co-founders of White Cloud Studio, E.S. Goenka of Vipassana meditation, Elisa Monte in Contemporary Modern Dance,the incomparable Nita Little, Gilligan’s work in the field of Self Relations Therapy, and the lineage of Joseph Pilates.

In 1999, Bill began to develop his own line of equipment in order to synthesize his multi-faceted background into one efficient training technique offered through SHEN TAO STUDIO.