What would you like to change about your body?

How can we help?

Give us 90 minutes. We will help you focus your mind, harness your emotions, and develop your physical potential.

We blend together the practices of Deep Tissue Bodywork, Assisted Stretching, and the exercises of the Shen Tao Approach to help you change your body.

If your muscles are in pain or discomfort, we will soften and lengthen them.

If your body feels weak or out of shape, we will rebuild your strength and give you back your natural grace and coordination.

Let us contribute to your understanding of how to train, care for, and develop your Self.

$120/90 min. session

To schedule an appointment, please call 347-415-3508 or email

*lower rates negotiable for those in need.
*please respect our 24-hour cancellation policy.