In this program, students learn to develop, design, and teach an extensive vocabulary of Shen Tao Mini Level 1 exercises on the SHEN TAO MINI.

This 60 hour program is composed of 6 workshops. It typically takes 1-2 years to complete the full program and become a Certified Shen Tao Trainer.  In addition, this certification program provides students with an in-depth understanding of how to safely, creatively, and effectively explore and develop their own exercise vocabulary and approach.

The program ends with an individualized examination with Shen Tao founder, William Hedberg. Those who successfully complete this course by demonstrating a competent understanding of the Shen Tao approach are issued a certification and a trademark use license, allowing them to teach the Shen Tao MINI exercises in the role of Shen Tao Trainer. 

Required workshops for this certification includes:

MINI LEVEL I (3 days, total of 15 hours, $280)

SHEN TAO APPROACH (1 days, total of 5 hours, $95) 

TOOLS FOR BEING PRESENT  (1 day, total of five hours,$60)

FIVE HOUR SELF EXPERIENCE (1 day, total of 5 hours, $60) 

HANDS ON FOR TEACHERS (2 days, total of 10 hours, $190)

COMMUNICATION SKILLS (1 day, total of 5 hours, $95)

FINAL EXAM (2 hours, $120)

Total costs: $900