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For Physical Therapists

For Physical Therapists, and facilities who want to offer new, and innovative exercises, and services to their clients, Shen Tao’s unique line of rope, and pulley apparatus offer more exercises, and stretches than any other exercise system.

Shen Tao equipment allows the Physical Therapist to reposition the client’s limbs effortlessly, allowing for a unique, three dimensional approach to assisted stretching.

Our innovative line of weight and pulley apparatus allows the Physical Therapist to transition from massage, to assisted stretching, to exercise without interrupting the flow of the session.

Our unique 2 to 1 pulley ratio allows for movement up to 18 feet from the equipment, and provides resistance from an infinite number of possible angles.

Our equipment also allows will allow you to draw on the traditions of martial arts, yoga, athletics, and dance (to name a few) to create a literally limitless combination of exercises.

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