Common Questions about Shen Tao’s Certification in Neuro-Muscular Communication

Shen Tao Studio offers a certification and training not found anywhere else in todays body conditioning and mental health practices.  We encourage a healthy questioning of the concepts in our training and certification, and about Neuro-Muscular Communication in general.  Below are some of the common questions.  We are happy to  answer any other questions you might have, as you consider coming to train with us.


Why would I obtain this certification if I’m already certified in Pilates / Gyrotonic / Yoga / Physical Therapy etc?

Neuro-Muscular Communication is a skill, an artform, that transcends practitioner modalities.  For the practitioner of nearly any given modality of body conditioning or mental health consideration, a deep and genuine care for the life “inside” of the patient, client, or student is imperative.  Our certification in Neuro-Muscular Communication does not replace or supersede any certification that you might already have – rather, if recognizes your commitment to differentiate, with positivity, in providing compassionate care to your constituents.  Why would you obtain this certification?  Quite simply, it is the only certification that provides training to enhance, clarify, and amplify the compassion you already possess.


What will I learn in the training?

Shen Tao certification training follows the internationally respected Harvard University model of wholesome education.  There is a core curriculum and a vast array of electives.

The extensive core curriculum prepares the teacher to provide a welcoming environment most conducive to guided self-exploration and discovery, while also finding their own voice within the Shen Tao practice.

The wide variety of enriching electives provides pathways to specialization and advancements in the application of Shen Tao.  Most especially rewarding, the electives provide an opportunity for ongoing knowledge-sharing and communal growth.  Each Shen Tao teacher creates and teaches their own electives amongst the Shen Tao community of teachers.


What makes the Shen Tao Studio credible to train me?

You might say the founder of Shen Tao is the foremost expert in maximizing the “how” of “how to change the human body”.  The Shen Tao Studio was founded by professional dancer, William Hedberg.  Having trained in many body conditioning modalities, mental health, psychotherapy, and linguistic communication practices, he found a lacking professional recognition, and practitioning, in the connection of these disciplines.  Through years of participation in the research and development of other body conditioning modalities, and mental health practices, he developed a practical approach (now termed the Shen Tao Approach) to maximizes the potential of the human body and mind, through their interconnection.  In addition to the philosophical principles and practical applications of the Shen Tao Approach, he also developed and refined equipment to be used in the Shen Tao practice.  These pieces of equipment are anamotically sound, safe, no-impact tools to facilitate maximum potential in Neuro-Muscular communication.  In addition, you can expect the utmost professional care, cleanliness, courtesy, and safety from our staff and at our facility.

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