On Balancing the Magnetic Field

By: Yasmine Mahmoudi

POn balancing the magnetic field of life

“For thousands of years, in all culture, human have gone through the plains, into the forest and harnessed the wild animal. Some found elephant to carry wood, other found horses to carry them, other cats to hunt mice or dogs to escort them. These mammals were essential to the survival and the evolvement of humanity, in all the places around the world. How Humans have tamed and related to the wild animal made a huge difference in both lives: the human and the animal. Treated with respect, and love the animal can become a partner, a collaborator and even a friend on who you can count on to serve and be served on the journey. Treat him/her with violence, impose your will and power on the same animal and he/she becomes quit useless. Most of all a great danger is upon you! No one can survive a scared horse. Because the instinct of the mammalian is wild, born to survive and live by the cycle of life/death/life, he/she has a deep awareness of life and is of greater power. Without the help of our instinctual nature we might never find our way through Life.”

From a Vipassana discourse by S.N Goenka.

As Primates aren’t we also mammalian? YES WE ARE!


Exercise: Attention for awareness (Perform your own variation)

Lay down on the floor

Close your eyes

Start feeling your breathing (focus on the area between the upper lips and the nostrils) observe the length of each inhale and exhale, and observe the movement in the chest/rib area as you breathe, feel the air traveling through your body

Feel the weight of your whole body and/or the weight of the different major body part (head, arms, pelvis, legs) dropping down to the floor down to the center of the Earth; let gravity take you down, completely surrender!

Start narrowing your attention go back to the breathing and scan across the face and the skull to feel any of the sensation that are rising and falling, make sure the muscle of the face surrender to gravity as well, when completely relaxed you can feel the humidity of the eye.

After one or two minutes, start moving your attention down progressively all over your body missing no areas, move down all the way to the tip of the toes, if you wish you can accompanied your scan with slow motion, tiny micro movements

The Shen Tao approach has been developed over the years so that people could find support in their journey to know themselves. One may ask why is it important to know thyself? Knowing one’s self is essential if one wants to realize his/her dream, find power, be efficient into the world, be creative, love, change or simply be happy! We belong to the large group of species: the Homo sapiens and we also are each very unique. Aren’t you curious about your own and others uniqueness? Beyond our commonality lies a great intelligence, which has been called many names over the years and is as simple as Life. The life inside of us is our compass, our instinct to survive, our identity and so much more!

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