Shen Tao Mission

Our mission is to teach and share the Shen Tao Approach. “Shen,” in ancient Chinese teachings, refers to the physical body, while “Tao” speaks of life itself. Together, they translate to the life inside of the Shen. Our Approach aims to teach the student how to approach a unit of life, whether that be the life inside of ourselves or the life in another person. In addition to a brilliant epistemology of choreographed exercises, the Shen Tao Approach raises an awareness about how to relate to one’s self, the “Tao.”

The Approach recognizes and honors that our unconscious body is intelligent and aware, and acknowledges that it is under our influence but not our control. In order to get the most out of ourselves both while training and in day-to-day life, we must respect the neuro-muscular intelligence inside of us to reach our full potential. Achieving a heightened level of respect and awareness in relation to both the physical body and the cognitive mind is what the Shen Tao Approach is all about.

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