What Certification can do for you

Immediately Applicable Skills

Shen Tao training in Neuro-Muscular Communication provides an immediately applicable and practical basis for taking command of the changes you envision for your own body and mind, and for respectfully assisting others in their own journey.

Shen Tao Training is also appropriate for all manual and movement therapists, as well as trainers and coaches who wish to implement proven concepts for flexibility supported by strength, expansion and restoration of mobility, injury and surgical-related rehabilitation, physical conditioning, athletic performance, and comprehensive wellness, Western, Holistic, and otherwise

Become a better practitioner…and earn more

Training and certification in Neuro-Muscular communication enhances your offerings as a therapist, trainer, and coach, and differentiates you from your industry peers — translating to more enriched practitioner/client experiences and greater earnings potential as a practitioner.

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