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“I wish that my partner understood more intuitively how to touch me.”

“I have no idea how to massage my partner’s body!”


Would you like to learn how to touch more deeply, safely and effectively?  The art of DEEP TISSUE BODYWORK is a something that everyone can learn. We will help you develop your own safe, unique approach to the art of touch.

Come deepen your intuition of how to fulfill your partner’s needs.  Come learn how to touch and be touched!


Join Our Valentine’s Day Couples Massage Workshop!  IT’S A TRADITION!
Many of us are not sure how to best touch in ways that expresses love, intimacy, security and awareness. In this 2 hour workshop, you and your partner will learn and pratice mutual listening and shared sensitivity skills that will strengthen your communication and improve your relationship.

Through this course, you will learn step-by-step technique how to perform a massage that will connect you and your partner on a deeper level.


In this workshop, you will learn:
• How to create a pleasant and relaxing romantic atmosphere.
• Massaging techniques for reducing stress and increasing endorphins
• Safe, confidence inspiring usage of touch to cultivate mutual indulgence.


This course is for:
• Couples who are looking for an enjoyable and healing way to connect with their loved ones in deeper and stronger ways.
• Anyone who wants to improve their contact skills to create intimacy.


Your registration fee of $70 includes both you and your partner!

“Learning is movement from moment to moment.” – J. Krishnamurti

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