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How To Build Better Feet

TUESDAY  1/4/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Do you want more beautiful, more powerful feet?

This experiential Masterclass will give you individualized coaching in nine strengthening exercises and five stretching sequences to build the feet you need for both dance and life.

I personally guarantee that you will see and feel an improvement in the shape and function of your feet by the end of this 2 hour training. 

How to Build Better Legs

TUESDAY  1/7/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Do you need more control, strength, and balance in your legs?

This training is for you!

We will train you intensively for two hours to give you a strong felt sense of the connections necessary for turns, jumps, leg elevation and balance.

You will learn specific exercises to re-enforce the deep musculature of your legs, using our trampolines, our “oreo-cookies”, rolling carts, calf stretchers and our unique Shen Tao Ladders.

You will also be introduced to strengthening and opening drills to take away with you. 

This clearer understanding can then be translated by you to the contexts of class, rehearsal and the stage.

Traction Bodywork

Hip Series Series

SATURDAY  1/11/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Arm and Shoulder Series

TUESDAY  1/28/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Your hands can communicate ideas to your students/clients about where they might want to put their bones and which muscles to use.

Use your hands to change the shape of your student’s/client’s bodies, to reduce their pain; to change their lives!

Come gain greater confidence and competence in your ability to change people with your touch. Learn powerful techniques for communicating directly to your student’s/client’s bodies.

We will show you specific techniques to help you change the shape of their myofascia, release their tendons, communicate with their muscles, and traction their bones.

This 2 hours, experiential training will give you both specific hands-on techniques, as well as larger guiding principles to work with your hands, elbows, etc. while teaching.

Learn how to touch safely and with authority. Learn how to communicate principles of alignment, timing, and dynamics with your hands.

We will draw on exercises from the disciplines of Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Shen Tao, (and a number of other parallel disciplines) in order to further help you develop your skills.

Higher Arabesque

TUESDAY  1/14/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Do you want higher legs?

This Masterclass will give you strengthening exercises, tendon stretches, and a new understanding of how your standing leg, rib cage, and arabesque line must work together in order to have higher extension. Come learn the training secrets guaranteed to elevate your legs to the back.

Classic Upper Body

TUESDAY  1/21/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The “classical” upper-body workshop explores how one can organize the bones of the head and neck, the rib cage, the arm and shoulder, the spine and the sacrum in service of a more lively, functional and healthy body.

The application of the Shen Tao Approach to your upper-body will help you create a more organized and spacious torso that will allow you to move with more grace, and efficiency.

You will receive individualized instructions, video feedback and hands-on coaching to help you deepen your understanding of the skeletal organization, and get the most out of this two hours class.

We believe that when the intelligence of the mind and the intelligence of the body work together in harmony, our creativity as human beings, or artists, is free to express itself into the world or on stage.

The organization of our torso expresses  a great deal of who we are.

In 2 hours, you can find how to access your elegance and your power. We will give you the tools you need to change the course of your life!

Kinesthetic Meditation

TUESDAY 2/18/20

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Do you want more power to influence your mind, your Self, and the relationship between the two?

This 2500 year old technique will deepen your ability to center effectively, to calm your mental and emotional agitation, and to access resources and abilities necessary to accomplish what you want in this life.

This two hour Masterclass will offer coaching in two styles of meditation from the Vipassana tradition.

The first technique offers benefits of increased concentration, and focus. The second approach involves a practice of kinesthetic body scanning. These two techniques combined have an extraordinary calming and regenerative effect on the nervous system.

Self Bodywork

TUESDAY  12/10/19

1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

This Masterclass will introduce you to a number of techniques which you can use to reduce the physical symptoms of stress, discomfort, and pain in your own body.

The techniques are drawn from the fields of Physical Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Dance, Martial Arts, and Meditation.

The techniques are powerful, effective and have the advantage that by learning how to practice them on yourself, you can learn to relieve your own symptoms of discomfort.

Self Injury Rehab

SATURDAY  12/28/19

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Are you stressed, in pain, or injured?

This experiential Masterclass will give you tools,  skills and an effective approach to relieve  your own muscular  discomfort and pain.

Learn how to  apply deep pressure with your  own hands,  elbows, and a host of tools, including  wooden balls, “Theracane’s”,  lacross balls and a physical therapy tool, the Morfam electric massager.

Dance Improvisation Techniques


This Masterclass will give you a concrete and practical method for both generating choreography and performing dance improvisation. 

Come and learn a technique which created spatially clear and aesthetically beautiful movement. 

This approach is applicable to both solo and duet, as well as group improvisation. 

Video feedback will be an important part of this workshop.

5 Hour Self Experience


For thousands of years practitioners of martial arts, athletics, yoga, dance etc. have extended the duration of their training practice in order to alter their consciousness, experience themselves, solve internal conflicts and generally “Go Deeper”.

If you would like to have a profound experience of who you are, and to clarify what you want…

If you would like to experience how to use physical conditioning, rhythmic movement, breathing techniques, and your senses to create a deep, self hypnotic trance…

If you would like to learn how to use physical conditioning as a ritual for changing your Self, come and take our 5 Hour Self Experience master class!

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